Temasek Foundation Cares KITS

Temasek Foundation Cares KITS (Kids in Tough Situations) is a pilot programme, in collaboration with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) which aims to build our community capabilities to support and help vulnerable children who face emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties, of mild to moderate severity, following a traumatic event.

The three year pilot programme strives to bring trauma treatment to the community and provide accessible therapy for children, as well as raise the community’s awareness and knowledge about trauma, its impact and how and when to seek treatment.

The Temasek Foundation Cares KITS programme aims to train 60 school counsellors, community social workers and therapists in Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) to benefit up to 1,920 children and care-givers. It also aims to reach out to 7,000 teachers, students, parents and members of the public.

Download Temasek Cares KITS brochures:

Coping with Trauma (for children) – ENGLISH
Coping with Trauma (for teens) – ENGLISH
Coping with Trauma (for parents) – ENGLISH
Coping with Trauma (for parents) – CHINESE
Coping with Trauma (for parents) – MALAY
Coping with Trauma (for parents) – TAMIL


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